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Yay for National Pet Day!

Hi, tween girls and especially pet lovers . . . Let’s celebrate! It’s National Pet Day today!

For those who have pets, what kind is yours? A dog? Cat? Turtle? Or rat?! There are so many kinds! And maybe you have quite a few!

Maybe you’ve had one your whole life or even just got one yesterday. Whatever the case, pets are sure fun and making special memories with them, maybe even when they get in trouble! And they’re sure to be treasured once they’ve gone to pet heaven, too.

So what memories do you have? I’ll share a few of mine . . .

I was in the 1st grade when I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom in our newly built home, when I saw a tail in the bathtub . . . a mouse tail! Yikes! It woke me up fast. So we soon got a cat and named her Rummy for her rum-colored coat. I remember she’d always pounce on my bed when I was in it, which I didn’t like, but when I wasn’t feeling well she didn’t do that and continued laying by my side . . . wow . . . I loved that! How she just must have known.

Another memory is when Rummy had kittens. We didn’t see it all happen, but once it did, we discovered five little kittens snuggled in a small cast iron frying pan in the basement on the laundry room floor. So sweet and a perfect spot!

Genesis 2:19 tells how God created every animal. He thought of everything, didn’t He?! They are all so unique!

I’d love hearing your stories . . .

So Happy National Pet Day to you! And it’s a must that you celebrate, doing something special with your pet that’s out-of-the-box fun, and then tell us about it. How about posting a pic of it, too?!