Friends and Enemies

So the school year’s underway, and you’ve been back at it. You’re back with best friends and old friends and you’ve probably made some new ones, too. But are there maybe some not-so-good friends you keep running into or some you don’t like at all?shutterstock_9793276

Maybe you felt left out when you weren’t invited to that birthday party, or you heard someone talking about you behind your back, or maybe even your best friend turned against you, and now she no longer is. If so, those things can hurt . . . a lot . . . and you may even feel that friends you once had are now your enemies.

Well, you know what? Sometimes friends hurt us on purpose, but other times not. There may have just been a misunderstanding . . .  when what you thought happened really didn’t happen at all.

Have you heard that hurt people, hurt people? . . . that those who hurt us feel hurt themselves? Now doesn’t knowing that change things a bit? Maybe they’ve felt jealous or envious and want to get back at you. Or maybe they thought you said you couldn’t make it to the party when that’s not what you said at all.

God says in Matthew 5:44 to “Love your enemies . . . and do good to those who hate you.” That’s a pretty a strong statement, don’t you think? What it means is we don’t have to like everyone, but God still wants us to love them. In other words, you don’t have to hang out with anyone and everyone, but God still wants you to be nice to them. And don’t forget to always check things out in case there’s been a misunderstanding, because maybe that’s all it really is.

So the next time you feel like ignoring someone or being rude or getting back at them, remember to do it God’s way, as amazing things will happen when you do.

shutterstock_37296523 HeartDream Chat – Do you have any enemies? Friends who are no longer friends? How about trying to love them and see what God will do.