Archive | April 4, 2021

Happy Easter to you!

So Easter is here! And what’s it about, anyway???

Well, most have heard God loves us, but did you know He longs to connect with us, too? But since the human race needs to deal with this thing called sin, we need to take care of that first . . . And how is that done???

Well, it’s first knowing what sin is, which is going our own way . . . And since that gets us in trouble at times, some think God’s mad at us, when He’s totally not!

Others think it’s about being good enough, when there’s no way we’ll ever be! But it’s receiving Christ in our hearts who died for our sins and rose from the dead . . . That’s how we take care of this ‘sin thing’ and how that connection starts. Just think, connecting with the Creator of the entire universe and having a relationship with Him!

So to answer that question . . . Easter’s when we celebrate Christ being risen from the dead and about God’s love for us, too! And once we receive Him, it’s knowing we’ll spend eternity in heaven with Him, too! So if you haven’t done that already, I invite you to do so, and what could be greater than that?!

So Happy Easter to you! And enjoy those sweet bunnies and fun-colored eggs, too!