Candy Hearts, Love, and God

February . . . the month of pinks, reds, hearts, candy, chocolates, flowers, and LOVE!   

Have you ever treasured a very special valentine? Was it from your mom or dad? A friend? Or maybe from a secret admirer who liked you a whole lot?!

Or maybe it’s one you gave someone that you spent endless hours making . . .

Valentines are special. They’re all about love. And who doesn’t love LOVE? We were born to love and be loved . . . because God created us that way.

1 John 4:19 says, “We love because He first loved us.” Isn’t it awesome how God started this whole thing? That He loves you more than you could ever imagine. That we can show love for others because of His love for us. That His plan for your life is one you’ll absolutely love!

So on another special Valentine’s Day, remember where it all first started from, and have love-fun day!

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Like a Snowflake

Aren’t the seasons awesome? That God created them just for us? So what’s your favorite thing about winter? Is it the snow and snowflakes falling? Skiing down a mountain slope? Sledding, skating, or just playing in that white fluffy stuff?   

Growing up in Minnesota was the best. It snowed all the time, and the snowdrifts were so white and glistening and deep. It was fun catching snowflakes on our tongues, and how brilliant that God’s made each of them unique. That out of the bazillion of snowflakes that will ever fall, no two will ever be alike.

And isn’t it awesome that we’re like a snowflake, unique in who we are? That no one who ever lives on the planet will ever be like us. We all have different looks, talents, and things that we like . . . favorite places and hopes and dreams.  And the fact that He has a perfect plan for each of us, makes us even more unique.

Psalm 139:14 says, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” He made you to just be you. Now what could be better than that?

So the next time you catch a snowflake on your tongue, think of it as a special gift, knowing it’s as unique as you.


Bad Hair Day Blues

Having a bad hair day? Yesterday? Last week? So sorry . . . totally not fun!shutterstock_67154071

Hair was always an issue, growing up. MY hair, that is. You see, I had naturally curly hair, and that was not cool way back when. So I worked hard to get my hair straight. Way hard. My mom was even in on the whole thing. It all started when I spotted “Uncurl” at the local drugstore, this amazing magical product. It worked perfect every time. It was a whole-morning ordeal, but I didn’t mind. Not one bit. I didn’t even mind the strong stinky potion, as long as it did the job.

This twice-a-year event took place in the basement on newspapers spread all over the floor. After mixing the potent chemicals and draping a towel across my neck, the ritual would begin. Hanging my head down and covering my eyes tight, my mom would spread the cold goopy stuff all over my curly locks, working it in, making sure it covered every last strand. I loved how it felt, so heavy on my head, as it did its amazing thing. Staying bent over until my back could stand it no more, it’d finally be time to wash it out. Then after blowdrying . . . ta-dah! My new hair would be long and straight, and I’d feel overjoyed.

I wore curlers the size of orange juice cans to bed every night. I had the system down. I’d scrunch my pillow under my cheek, the curlers hanging over the edge, and sleep peacefully through the night. Amazing, huh? Anything to get it right!

In spite of all that, I still had bad hair days, until it dawned on me . . . when my hair looked great, I felt great. When it didn’t, I didn’t. I thought, why do my feelings about myself depend upon my hair? . . . when I later learned the truth. That even though most want to look their best, what’s most important is what’s in the heart.

1 Samuel 16:7 says, “The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

So what does that mean? That we love God, feel good about ourselves, and we’re kind and caring to others. Wow! Now isn’t that awesome? That we don’t have to compete, but can just be who we are, bad hair days and all.

So whenever you’re tempted with the bad hair day blues, keep following your dreams, and remember that true beauty radiates from the heart!


No Fear

Do you ever feel afraid? I mean, really . . . we ALL do, right? Like telling your parents you messed up, or letting your best friend know she hurt your feelings big time, or perhaps freezing up when you’re speaking in front of a crowd? Are you afraid you’ll never be able to do what your heart longs to do? Like singing? Dancing? Or making the basketball team?shutterstock_78893794

Well . . . just so you know, God doesn’t want us to fear. He commands us not to. Isaiah 41:10 says, “Do not fear, for I am with you . . . I will strengthen you and help you.”

Did you know the Bible says to not fear over 100 times? Do you think God’s trying to tell us something?

So what do we do instead? Just turn everything over to Him, and watch what He’ll do. Know that He’s there to help. Walk by faith. And faith is trusting God to work things out . . . that is, everything . . . far greater than we could EVER imagine!

Just remember . . . the next time you start feeling afraid, STOP, because God’s got it taken care of. He really does. And isn’t it awesome that your loving heavenly father tells you to do exactly that?!


Something New

We all love things that are new, don’t we?! A new puppy? Fun outfit? A wonderful new friend? There’s just something about it that’s exciting and fun! And now that it’s a new year, are you ready for new beginnings? Adventures? And fun-filled new dreams?shutterstock_127896755

What’s cool is that God is a god of new beginnings, and whether this past year was awesome or totally not fun, God’s got something even better for 2020 . . . He always does! As Revelation 21:5 says, “Behold, I make all things new.”

So what are your hopes for the coming year? What dreams has He put in your heart? Just trust Him for them and watch what He’ll do . . . He’s a god of new beginnings!


Fun Stuff!

It’s time for something fun! And did you know God’s into fun? Just think of what He’s created that makes you laugh . . . like adorable fun monkeys swinging by their tails, a giraffe’s long neck, or cute waddling penguins. How about hiccups or giggles or a sweet baby’s laugh?                                                                                         

Job 8:21 says, “He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.”

But what I think is most fun is whatever those dreams are that God’s put in our hearts, He’s promised to bring about!

So what are those things you love to do? Those dreams in your heart? If you haven’t yet gone after them, it’s time to start, and let the fun begin!

Let’s Talk

Up for a chat? If so, let’s talk!

So what do you love doing? What are your favorite things? Foods? Places to visit? Memories? Dreams? Whatever!

It’d be fun to hear. . . !!

Okay, so I’ll start. Here are 17 things about me . . .shutterstock_7817119

  1. I grew up in cold, snowy Minnesota, and I’d rather not have grown up anywhere else.
  2. My favorite stuffed animal was ‘Bunny.’ She had very long ears and was fuzzy and soft. I’d  sleep with her every night.
  3. I loved singing, dancing, and playing dress-up in my grandmother’s fancy gowns.
  4. After a raging blizzard, my older sister, brother, and I couldn’t wait to make fluffy snow angels or climb on humongous drifts. We’d always get tons of snow!
  5. I hated oatmeal growing up and gagged at every bite.
  6. I loved playing the piano, and my favorite songs are those from the 70’s, soul, and contemporary Christian.
  7. I love the morning and Friday nights. There’s just something special about them!
  8. There’s nothing better than a good talk, cry, or laugh with a friend. Wouldn’t you agree?
  9. I absolutely love monkeys. Is there anything more hilarious and cute?
  10. I love cheesecake, chocolate mousse, and raspberry cream cheese croissants.
  11. I also love salads, shrimp, and chicken stir-fry . . . They’re the best, too!
  12. I live in gorgeous Colorado and love it here!
  13. But you’ll find me vacationing anywhere with palm trees and white sandy beaches, any chance I get.
  14. I love to hike, bike, golf, and ski, but not necessarily in that order!
  15. I taught 4th grade for many years. My students were awesome and fun!
  16. I wrote a book called The Heart to Dance. It’s about seventh-grader Alexis who pursues her dream to dance, with trouble along the way. I’d love you to read it . . . you can find it on . . . and I hope to write more!shutterstock_56020243
  17. I love the presence of God in my life and His wonderful plan for me!

Psalm 139:14 says, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made . . .” I love how God made each of us totally unique . . . who’s put dreams in our hearts and things we love . . . who’s made us who we are. Don’t you?

Now it’s your turn . . . I’d love to hear about you!

God Talk

Been talking to God lately? Do you feel close and connected? Are you sharing your day? If so, that’s great! If not, here’s the good news . . . He’s waiting to hear from you!shutterstock_17243110

You see, God longs to connect with you . . . to hear what’s on your heart. He wants to know when you’re happy or sad. He wants to know your dreams. Are you excited about the soccer game? But nervous you might not score? Maybe you can’t wait for the Friday night sleep-over, but wondering why your best friend’s acting different towards you. Whatever’s going on, God wants to hear about it. You can tell Him anything, just like gabbing with a friend on the phone. He’s always there to listen. He’s ready the moment you first wake up until you go to bed. And don’t forget . . . He wants to hear about what you hope for and those dreams in your heart, because when you talk and listen to Him, that’s when they’ll come about.

Whether you’re talking to God lots or not so much, remember that talking to God is prayer. 1st Thessalonians 5:17 says, “Pray without ceasing.” That means morning, noon, and night, and every moment in-between. He wants to connect with you all day long, just you and Him. Now what could be more awesome than that?!


What’s on Your Mind?

Do you ever think about what you think about all day? Is it the fight you just had with your mom, or how awful that math test was, or maybe you’re jealous that your best friend gets all the attention and you’re feeling left out . . . Or are your thoughts . . . I know Mom and I don’t always agree, but that’s okay, because I know she still loves me. Or . . .  I really don’t like math – it’s just totally not my thing, but I’ll just do my best. Or . . . my best friend sure gets lots of attention, and I feel left out, but I know I’m important, too.shutterstock_47729947

Isn’t it amazing that God knows every thought we think!? He even knows what we’ll think before we think it! He knows when we’re happy or sad, excited or discouraged, when things are going great or when they’re totally not. He knows about your struggles and knows your hopes and dreams. But no matter what’s going on, He wants you to have good thoughts that line up with His word since not only will your heart fill with joy, but that’s when He works the most!

“Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

So as you go about your day, just catch yourself when you’re thinking wrong thoughts, when they go against your dreams. Let God help you think the right thoughts. Then notice the difference it makes – It’ll be huge! Just try it and see . . . !!

HeartDream Chat  So what’s been on your mind lately? Been thinking a few thoughts you might like to change? Would love to hear!


School and Other Things

So the school year’s started up, and you’re back with old friends and making new ones, too. Or maybe you moved over the summer, and it felt scary at first.shutterstock_12043846

What’s new this year? What subject is your absolute fave? Reading mysteries or adventures? Writing fun stories? Maybe journaling, too? Is it working with numbers or computers? Or maybe science? Music? Art? Are you in gymnastics or dance after school or some kind of fun club?

Whatever you love doing is who God created you to be. And nothing feels better than being who you are. Wouldn’t you agree? It’s all about listening to Him. Remember He’s right there with you. He’s always cheering you on. So keep doing what He tells you to do, and maybe someday you’ll create amazing computer programs or train on the Olympic team or launch into outer space. Whatever it is, you’ll love being who you are.  He’s got great plans for you. They’re totally what’s in your heart.

“I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

HeartDream Chat – How has your school year started out? What things do you love to do?