It’s Spring!

Hey, tween girls . . . It’s spring! When days get longer before it becomes night, when new buds start popping up, and flowers and trees that were dormant start coming back to life!

I love the four seasons . . . Don’t you? It’d sure be rough in the African desert or Antarctica with the same season all year . . .!!

Isaiah 43:19 says, “See, I am doing a new thing!” Like the start of a new season, God’s into new things, too!

So how about jumping into a new thing . . . something you’ve always wanted to do or trying something new! Or what dream did you once have you’d like to see come back to life? Maybe it’s going on a fun adventure hike, or conjuring up some new yummy treats, or starting a fun book club with your friends . . .

Did you know it’s God who puts those dreams in your heart? How about finding a cozy spot to think about it, and He’ll help you discover it, and once you do . . .

Happy Spring to you, too!!!


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