When God Seems Far Away

God is always with you, right? You learned that when you were little. Or maybe that’s something you just learned right now, and if so, so happy for you! Just remember, wherever you’re at, it may not feel like He’s always there, or He may seem far away. And when that happens . . . it probably will . . . what’s a girl to do?shutterstock_59626096

Good question. And God likes questions . . . it brings us closer to Him.

Well, what’s truly cool is you can know in your heart that He’s with you even when it doesn’t feel that way. And why do we know that? Because that’s what the Bible says, and God’s word is true.

Hebrews 13:5 says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” And that means exactly that. He’s always with you. ALWAYS! Got it? And the cool thing is even if you don’t feel that God is there, He still truly is. So when you have a fight with your best friend . . . He’s there. When your parents don’t understand you . . . He’s there. When you feel nothing’s going your way . . . He’s there. Now how comforting is that? It’s awesome, isn’t it? . . . just knowing you’re never alone . . . that He’s working things out in your life far greater than you can imagine.

So when it seems like God is far away, know He’s really not. Get cozy with your Bible and let Him speak to you. When you listen to what He’s telling you, He’ll soon seem right there. So yes, go ahead . . . just try it and see!



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