God Talk

So what has God been telling you lately? I hope you’re talking to Him, too. Do you feel close and connected? Are you sharing your day? If you are, that’s awesome . . . I’m sure you can’t stay away. But if not, here’s the good news . . . He’s waiting to hear from you!shutterstock_17243110

You see, God longs to connect with you . . . to hear what’s on your heart. He wants to know when you’re happy or when you’re feeling sad. He wants to know what’s bothering you. He wants to know your dreams. Are you excited about the soccer game? But nervous you might not score? Maybe you can’t wait for the sleep-over this weekend, but wondering why your best friend’s been acting different towards you. God wants you to tell Him about it. You can tell Him anything, like gabbing with your best friend on the phone. He’s always there to listen. He’s ready the moment you first wake up until you go to bed. And don’t forget . . . He wants to hear about those things you hope for and those dreams in your heart, because when you talk and listen to Him, that’s how they’ll come to pass.

So if you’re talking to God lots or maybe not much, just remember that talking to God is prayer. 1st Thessalonians 5:17 says, “Pray without ceasing.” That means morning, noon, and night, and every moment in-between. He wants to have a conversation with you all day long, just you and Him. What could be more awesome than that?



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